Fall Ball Power Rankings

Written by Greg Sowards  |  Co-Commissioner and Columnist  |  09.22.2013 

Note: Greg Sowards is the co-commissioner of the league and has been with the league since day one. Now witness Greg kick off what will be a regular column that he'll pin throughout the 2014 seasons - his POWER rankings.

It's been a fun fall ball season but with the last round of games coming up in just two days I could not resist the opportunity to share my predictions on how those games will turn out. These are just my opinions, of course, so I hope no one gets bent out of shape by my rankings. It seems that we have seen much of what each team has to offer for the time being and that is what these predictions are based off of. Now, it is worth mentioning that all of these teams will improve and do better in 2014 because of their involvement in Fall Ball but for now I can see that many of the teams will remain where they are in the standings. 


Bag Tag     3-0     Final Record (9-2)
Bag Tag had a rough start but they have really improved their pitching and their hitting has remained as the best in the league. It is for that reason that they are my pick for winning Battle Royale.

Wiffle Ballers     2-1     Final Record (8-3)
I say this team rolls easily over Honey Badgers and Go Jackie Go but they will have their hands full with Bag Tag (as they did the last time they played them) and I think they will lose.

Master Batters     3-0     Final Record (7-3)
This team has incredible pitching and defense and although they do not have the offense to match they should have no problems because all the teams they are playing have losing records.

Honey Badgers     1-2     Final Record (5-5)
The Honey Badgers have had an great past couple of weeks but I don't see them the top 2 teams in the league. However, they have beaten Master Batters once and I think they can do it again.

Green Bears     1-1     Final Record (4-6)
The Green Bears began their current losing streak with Go Jackie Go and they will work hard to end the steak with them. But they will most likely lose again against the Master Batters.

Pitch Slappers     0-2     Final Record (3-7)
The Pitch Slappers have a couple of difficult games scheduled with Bag Tag and Master Batters but they may actually stand a chance against the latter.

Go Jackie Go     0-2     Final Record (1-9)
Go Jackie Go will have to work hard to get past the Green Bears and even harder to pull an upset on Wiffle Ballers, they may get close but it's unlikely that they will do either of those things.

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