Fall Ball Franchise Report: The Pitch Slappers

Written by Patrick Rayl  |  Contributing Author  |  09.13.2013 

Pitch Slappers: Jacob Dunkle, Andy Hill, Patrick Rayl, Nick
Kappra, & Chris Foltz
Patrick Rayl gives us his first article and it's a topic he's an expert on: his own team. 

The Pitch Slappers: Fall ball started really rough for the Pitch Slappers, but there are signs of improvement coming from the rookie team. The team is made up of mostly high school baseball players and Andy. Opening night was a wakeup call to this team on many fronts. With Patrick Rayl giving up 12 runs on mostly HRs Pitch Slappers started 0-3. Chris Foltz and Jacob Dunkle took over the pitching duties once Patrick promised to never pitch again. Chris (4.44 ERA) and Jacob (4.5 ERA) have lead Pitch Slappers to a 3-2 record with some promising performances from the mound. On offense it’s been the Jacob and Nick show as both have carried a very hot bat. Jacob leads the league with a 1.800 SLG% and Nick comes in 3rd with a 1.462. Patrick is also one of the very few players in fall ball that hasn’t struck out at the plate.   Pitch Slappers have a lot of work in the off season if it plans to contend next year. Though fall ball was a great stepping stone for this team, it has shown that each player struggles with consistency in each game.  Once this team is able to bring its bats to every game and step up defense it will be a tough team to play. Fall ball ends first for the Pitch Slappers who look towards next Tuesday to play spoiler to Team Bag Tag. If the Pitch slappers are able to push Bag Tag to the limit it will show the length that the team has come.


Jacob Dunkle .6008827251315001018240045.6301.800

Chris Foltz .350882520972014591812.480.600

Andy Hill .4178828246100024460316.500.667

Nick Kappra .692551413491039110019.7141.462

Wade Napier .3333310913000014033.400.333

Patrick Rayl .4557724228100048200422.5001.000

Total .4788812811341543020431524118117.5391.035


Jacob Dunkle 5210.09913272200004.501.50

Chris Foltz 5518.01616321693140004.442.67

Wade Napier 100.02220100000099.9999.99

Patrick Rayl 314.01212153100100015.004.50

Total 8832.039396221185350006.092.59

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