Christmas Came Early: NWLA Releases Names For National Teams

The National Wiffle League Association (NWLA) has finally released it's list of national teams in 4 categories: pitchers, hitters, fielders, and rookies. It is important to note that although the Huntington Wiffle League had it's best season yet in 2013, we are still a fairly small league (that will hopefully change in 2014) and the amount of players we have on the national teams reflects our size. This fact also explains why we never had more than 2 teams in the rankings and why we will most likely receive little acclaim in the Wiffy Awards sometime in December. As we plan on expanding to 8-12 teams (beyond if possible) in 2014 we may have a little more notoriety to carry us a little further in the rankings, etc. So without further ado here are the names of HWL players who made national teams:

James Clagg - 2nd Team pitcher, 1st Team hitter, & 1st Team rookie.

Thelmer Damron - 3rd Team pitcher

Kevin Lawrence - 3rd Team pitcher & 2nd Team hitter

Brent Thompson - 3rd Team hitter

Ryan Briers - 1st Team fielder

Josh Smith - 3rd Team fielder

Todd Ritter - 3rd Team fielder

You can view the full list of players from around the country who made national teams HERE.

Congratulations to the seven gentlemen who received the honor. There's no national teams game or anything like that. It's just recognition of what is believed to be the best players in the NWLA. This is the most players we've ever had mentioned on the national teams. Last year we had five players who made national teams: Greg Sowards (3rd team hitter), Troy Twisdale (3rd team rookie), David Dillon (3rd team rookie), Zach Daniels (3rd team rookie), & Josh Smith (1st team fielder). But so far the HWL or any of it's players have yet to win a Wiffy Award. We find out sometime this month whether or not that streak continues.

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