The Huntington Wiffle League is a 10-team medium-to-fast pitch coed wiffleball league that plays at St. Cloud Commons park in West Huntington, WV. The league began in spring of April 2012 and was launched by league commissioner Josh Smith and co-commissioner Greg Sowards. The two of them had a previous league in Hurricane, WV (Garrett Drive Wiffleball League) for 10 years before shutting it down. The 2012 season was a modest success with pick-up games played every week all summer with 5 teams of friends and family. However, in 2013 the league got into the pages of the Huntington Herald-Dispatch announcing the league was accepting new teams and players. As a result, the league doubled in members and had 6 teams with full rosters. In the fall of 2013 the league welcomed 6 new teams to the league during the brief 5-week fall ball season and now the league is looking to grow as a result in 2014 but are still accepting any new players and teams that are at least 18 years of age. Find out how to JOIN.

Traditionally, wiffleball is played by children. But since the late 1970s adult leagues have sprung up all over the United States. There are leagues in almost every region of the country but they are particularly numerous in New England and the Midwest. The game is constantly surging as new leagues are being discovered all the time by sources such as Wiffler's Digest, an online wiffleball magazine. There is a national rankings system for teams involved with the National Wiffleball League Association. Needless to say...the game has far outgrown the confines of your backyard. At the moment there are close to 100 adult wiffleball leagues throughout the U.S. with a couple leagues abroad in Canada, Japan, and Taiwan. There are over 100 wiffleball tournaments played annually either for prize money or to raise money for charities.