Rumor Mill: Litton Returning With A Team?

Jeremy Litton unofficially retired from playing the in the HWL in the early off-season and did not play Fall Ball. Litton has never been known for success in the game but his willingness to try puts him into a class all his own. Litton began his wiffleball career in 2011 with the GDWL. But instead of joining a team he started his own, the Fat Bastards. He recruited league legends Tyler Call and William Held to the roster and they on paper looked like true contenders for the league title but attendance issues would prove otherwise. Tyler Call could truly throw smoke and William Held was had the best curveball in the league. Call and Held were also accomplished hitters with great batting averages and capable of hitting home runs. This was to outshine Litton's inexperience in the sport but he ended up playing an instrumental role with the team anyhow. There was never a time when Call and Held both showed up to a game and Litton was 50% of the active team at all times as a result. Finishing that season with a 1-5 record was fortunate when you consider the situation. But it was thought that would end his career but Litton was not quick to give up. 

The following year he helped found the Huntington Wiffle League and joined the Terrorhawks for that season. Litton was put into the pitching rotation out of lack of choice and he was forced to find his pitching style which ended up being a submarine pitch style that baffled the entire league. Litton and the Terrorhawks went 5-12 in 2012. After the season Litton felt it was time to create his own team once more. The result: the Welfare Warriors. The Warriors went 2-22 in 2013 and were a team that publicly self-destructed after the playoffs and endured many troubles along the way during the regular season. Litton was left with a bitter taste in his mouth and was interviewed on the first episode of the HWL Podcast - The View From The Bottom.

Litton would go on later to say in future podcasts that he would prefer to be one of the media people for the league and help out with filming and podcasting. Litton has done fantastic in that role so far as the producer and editor of the HWL Podcast. But will that be all for Jeremy? Perhaps not. There are rumors circulating that he will be at it again by creating his own team again. He posted the following on Twitter this morning:

Litton famously took his team out to Waffle House or Taco Bell after games last season. Could he be making another attempt to put a team in for the season? He is rumored to be putting a core for the team together that may include Michael Sumner and Dylan Evans of the Welfare Warriors from last season. Aside from that there are really no free agents at the moment to choose from. If the 'Fat Bastards' are to participate in the 2014 season Litton will need to move fast and get a few dependable players together.

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