Then & Now: Remembering Paul Martin

Written by Josh Smith (@HWLcommissioner)  |  Commissioner and Author/Editor  |  01.14.2014

Paul Martin was a player for team Bag Tag in the 2013 fall ball season. Sadly, Paul was reported missing in the middle of December 2013. The city of Huntington searched for him for nearly a week before he was found and people in the tri-county area were stunned to learn of his demise. I watched several people go through the process of accepting Paul's death and was humbled by just how many people Paul affected. Regrettably, I did not know Paul long but upon meeting him I could sense his warm personality and fun nature. He was an instant blast to play against and hang out with. Everyone that participated in the fall ball season either knew him already or wanted to get to know him better. He had this charismatic energy about him that drew people to him. I became quite fond of Paul and recognized the bond he had with his teammates was something you do not see everyday. Losing anyone in the league is still a tragedy but when it is someone who was so well respected it makes it all that more difficult to endure. I only wish that I knew Paul as well as his friends did. I have heard stories about him lately that make me realize that he was taken too early and a lot of us missed out. It is for this reason that Greg and I have decided to name the Sportsmanship Award after Paul. He was a great hitter, a promising pitcher, and a fantastic team player and strategist. But he was also a classy guy who was always a good sport. I think that's something that deserves to be honored and remembered.

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