2014 HWL Hot Stove

02.13.14 - Scott Hatfield's team, Poker Night (formerly Go Jackie Go), has listed four members on the team thus far: Scott Hatfield, Todd Scott, Adam Rose, & Michael Marcum.

02.12.14 - Greg Sowards releases Mike Saxton and Zach Daniels from their contracts with the Green Bears and have since been picked up by the Fat Bastards.

02.11.14 - Gary Ball is listed as the newest addition to the Team BagTag roster and their roster is now full.

02.07.14 - Pink Penguins will not be returning for the regular season. Trey "Dub" Hathaway has agreed to join a replacement team that is captained by Jeremy Litton known as the Fat Bastards. Thelmer Damron has agreed to be a sub and to "play as much as possible." Also on the team is Michael Sumner and possibly Robert Anastasio.

02.06.14 - Breaking Balls sign their sixth player Matt Gordon, bringing them to a full roster.

02.04.14 - Wiffle Ballers announce their full roster: Stephanie Schritter, Tim Wilson-Byrne, Ronnie Canterbury, Steven Adkins, & Rick Hanshaw.
Team BagTag return with original team members except Brian Ball will be definitely playing and they signed Ryan Blatt.
Breaking Balls have a five-man roster: Jeff Rider, Rob Steward, Drew McClanahan, Ryan Pritt, & Nicholas Scala.
Sit on my Base are a brand new addition to the league and have six players: Kevin Chattin, Andrew Westcott, Brent Patton, Jeremy Ray, Mike Byrd, & Brad Washburn.
Honey Badgers sign their fifth player, Zack Reedy.

02.03.14 - Brent Thompson announces that the Holy Balls have disbanded.

02.01.14 - Paul Hesson confirms that he will not longer be creating his own team and sticking with the Honey Badgers. No word yet on Kyle Kelley.

01.31.14 - Scott Hatfield has confirmed that Go Jackie Go will be participating in the 2014 season but with "a new name and attitude!" Members of the team will be present at the Winter Meeting and will have their team name picked before then.

01.30.14 - Team BagTag has announced the acquisition of Ryan Blatt. The team has also announced that Brian Ball will be playing as well.

01.29.14 - Kevin Chattin has contacted the commissioner to announce that he is putting a new team into the league for the 2014 season. Chattin will be at the winter meeting as well. A team name will be announced prior to the meeting.

01.18.14 - The Breaking Balls have announced the acquisition of Drew "Bub" McClanahan for the fifth position on their roster.

01.17.14 - The latest contact with Thelmer Damron has confirmed speculation that the Pink Penguins will return with the same roster for 2014.

01.16.14 - Rumors have surfaced that Paul Hesson and Kyle Kelly (Honey Badgers) intend to create their own franchise. Hesson has confirmed the rumor and claimed to have found a third teammate but still looking for additional players.

01.15.14 - Julie Meadows and Andrew Hankins sign on to play for the Green Bears for the 2014 season. Mike McCoy also rejoins the roster after an attempt to create his own team.

01.14.14 - Daryl Pullin retires from the sport. He was the oldest active player in the league at 63 years old. He plans on catching some games as a spectator or scorekeeper.

01.13.14 - Greg Sowards denounces any rumors that he was entering the free agency. He will remain the team captain of the Green Bears.

01.11.14 - Brent Thompson has said that the Holy Balls are likely to return for the 2014 season but he will not be the team's captain. We are still awaiting further roster announcements.

01.08.14 - Josh Berletich and Arielle Hord announce they are returning for the 2014 season with the Honey Badgers.

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