2014 Season Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Josh Smith (@HWLcommissioner)  |  Commissioner and Author/Editor  |  01.21.2014

With two weeks before the Winter Meeting and eight weeks until Spring Training, things will start moving fast and that means a lot of questions. Last year I was flooded with questions and had a hard time fielding them all because they were coming at me from multiple directions. So in an attempt to save everyone time I've decided to answer many of the Frequently Asked Questions here. Here we go...

What do I need to do to get a team for the season?
Glad you are interested in playing. The guidelines for a team are as follows. Teams can consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 players. All players on the team must be at least 18 years old. Women are welcome to participate. The team needs to have a captain. Teams are required to wear jerseys during all games. It is the team's responsibility to get their own jerseys made. At minimum the jerseys must have the team's logo on the front and numbers on the back. There are a variety of places you can get shirts made in the Huntington area such as Brand Yourself. Most importantly, each player must pay a $30 registration fee and sign the medical waiver form. If the registration fee is not paid by March 1, 2014 the fee increases to $40. No players shall be permitted to play in the regular season without filling out the forms and paying the registration fee. If you are interested in getting a team together you had better hurry...we're cutting off at 12 teams this year. So if you have a team together you need to get into contact with us ASAP and send your captain to the Winter Meeting.

I want to play but cannot get a team together. What are my options?
There are generally a few teams that struggle to max out their rosters. The commissioners take any uncommitted free agents (who have registered and paid) and place them on teams that have openings. Last year we had 3 free agents who were placed on 2 separate teams. If there is a flood of free agents there could be a team created completely out of free agents but that is a scenario the commissioners do not want to entertain because having a knowledgeable team captain is preferred.

What is the registration fee money used for?
Despite the fact that wiffle ball bats and balls are relatively cheap the other equipment can cost several hundred dollars. We use looped carpeting for batters boxes and pitchers mounds to keep players from slipping (and they look pretty cool). We also buy bats and balls in bulk online which can cost quite a bit. Then there's fencing and posts and strike zones which can get expensive quickly. We will be trying out field paint this year as well. We also buy a trophy for the league champion and a handful of awards for players who performed exceptionally. Last year we set up two fields and the growth from this year will force us to set up four and that means we definitely need the funds to make this season operational. But rest assured, every cent of the money is being used on ways to make the experience memorable. $30 per player for a 10-week season plus playoffs with high-definition video of games is a heck of a deal if you ask me.

When and where do you play? What are the field dimensions?
We play every Tuesday evening beginning April 1, 2014. We have 3 game times - 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm, & 7:30 pm. We make schedules based on team availability. Each team plays two 5 inning games a night. Games are played at St. Cloud Commons Community Park in West Huntington, WV. Field dimensions are typically about 70-80' to down the lines and around 100' to straight center field.

What are the rules for playing?
We have a rulebook available on the website and you can see it HERE. Much of the rules are the same as baseball with some adaptations specifically for this sport.

When is Spring Training and any practices?
Spring Training is scheduled to begin two weeks prior to opening day (March 18, 2014). We will meet at 5:30 pm at St. Cloud Commons Community Park and play for an hour or two and go over any rules any one does not understand. Team practices outside of Spring Training are conducted by those teams in their own time.

 Any other questions can be addressed to the commissioner at huntingtonwiffle@gmail.com.

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