Fall Ball Franchise Report: Go Jackie Go

It's hard to know what to expect from Go Jackie Go but one thing is for sure - they are not the same team now that they were at the start of the Fall Ball season. They went from a confused team in Week 1 that got mercy ruled 14-2 by Pitch Slappers to a team with one under their belt and who actually stand a chance to do pretty well if they return for the 2014 season. They have some decent pitching from Daniel Payne, Scott Hatfield, and Adam Rose. Todd Scott (team captain) is a decent pitcher but struggles with walks (22 BBs so far). Pitching is something that has visibly improved with this team but offensively is where they need to really step it up. Getting on base has not been the problem since the team has nearly a .400 average, it's bringing those base runners in to score. Go Jackie Go has only scored 18 runs in 8 games. Two of their last three games saw loses of 2 runs or less. So they have definitely gotten closer to winning but improved pitching and defense can only do so much. If this team finds a way to bring in those runners in scoring position this team will surprise a lot of teams in 2014.


Scott Hatfield .4807728256122124330422.536.880

Daniel Payne .471661917381022250015.526.882

Adam Rose .55622109450024110211.6001.222

Ally Scott .000114300000013030.250.000

Jimmy Scott .353661817261022160613.389.765

Todd Scott .286883028380016281711.333.393

Total .3948810999183941918102612272.450.727


Scott Hatfield 222.06669000000015.007.50

Daniel Payne 4315.0272739683030009.003.00

Adam Rose 207.0997330110006.431.43

Todd Scott 438.01212102262030007.504.00

Total 8832.054546240175170008.443.19

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