Episode 6: In The Wake of The Winter Meeting
02.11.2014  |  37:28  |  Listen  | Download
Greg and Josh travel to Marshall University to interview James Clagg and Randy Steele of Maroon $quad. But when they arrive they find out that neither Clagg or Steele can make it. So instead the guys talk with Jeremy Litton about coming out of retirement to jump start his new franchise, the Fat Bastards (aka gordos bastardos). The guys also discuss the Winter Meeting and make some bold early rankings predictions based on how the divisions were laid out to make for an overall informative and relatively short episode.
Episode 5: The Decision
01.07.2014  |  1:10:55  |  Listen  |  Download
Greg and Josh (along with producer Jeremy Litton) interview Josh Berletich and Arielle Hord of the Honey Badgers to determine whether or not they will participate in the 2014 season. We also chat with Arielle about a woman's perspective on the league. And we reflect on how far wiffleball has come in West Virginia in the past 10 years.

Episode 4: #2Coffees1Cup
12.21.2013  |  56:52  |  Listen  |  Download
Greg, Josh, and Jeremy (producer) are joined by Carl and Nick Coffee of Wiffle in Southeast Michigan (WSEM) for a podcast to remember. We ask Carl and Nick about the origins of the Downriver Wiffle League and WSEM. Carl and Nick also give their insight on whether or not the HWL should use yellow bats in 2014. And everyone chats about the 2013 NWLA Tournament, website rankings, and looking forward to 2014.

Episode 3: "Get Beat"
11.18.2013  |  35:47  |  Listen  |  Download
Greg and Josh share the mic with guest host Jeremy Litton and interview Patrick Rayl and Jacob Dunkle of the Pitch Slappers. The Slappers have practiced for several weeks after Fall Ball wrapped up and look to be a team that may surprise the league with their improved talents.

Episode 3.5: Extra Innings (Yellow Bat Dilemma)
11.18.2013  |  49:10  |  Listen  | Download
Greg, Josh, and Jeremy discuss the never ending dilemma to decide if the league will convert to a yellow bat playing format or not with insightful guests Patrick Rayl and Jacob Dunkle. Pros and cons are given considerable glances as they try to hammer down which path the league should take. Should we stay black bat? Should we man up and go with yellow bat? Does it have to be one or the other? Can there be a compromise?

Episode 2: Winning...It's The Bag Tag Way
10.06.2013  |  27:31  |  Listen  |  Download
Josh and Greg are back after taking a break from podcasting in September due to the league being busy with Fall Ball. In this episode they analyze the ins and outs of the Fall Ball season, let us know what happened in the Battle Royale, and look forward to the 2014 season with super-early power rankings. They interview special guests Brandon Woolum and Zach Blatt from team Bag Tag who finished the Fall Ball season in first place with an 8-3 record.

Episode 2.5: Extra Innings (Best Hitters/Pitchers) 
10.03.2013  |  11:07  |  Listen  |  Download
Check out some bonus content from the 2nd episode. Greg and Josh discuss who performed the best during fall ball, particularly the best pitchers and hitters. Some of these names can be big game changers for their teams in the 2014 regular season.

Episode 1: The View From The Bottom 
08.13.2013  |  39:43  |  Listen  |  Download
Josh Smith and Greg Sowards kick off the league's maiden voyage with a brand new podcast. They discuss everything from thoughts on the post-season to all aspects from the 2013 regular season as a whole. With them is special guest Jeremy Litton. Jeremy was the team captain for the Welfare Warriors who finished the season with a 2-22 record and promptly disbanded after being eliminated in the playoffs. Jeremy lets us know his side of the story of how his trials of keeping a team together that was doomed to fail.

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