HWL Launches Podcast

Last Saturday Josh Smith and Greg Sowards met at Smith's apartment to record the league's first episode of what they hope will be a continuing podcast. "It's just another way we can rip off our favorite league, WSEM," Smith joked. With them they interviewed special guest Jeremy Litton. Litton captained the 2-22 last place Welfare Warriors on his experience on a team that received endless beatings. The episode clocked just under 40 minutes in length and was edited by Litton before being posted online. In the podcast the recap the playoffs/championship game, address the free fall ball leagues, announce the creation of a new league in Charleston, and why they look forward to the 2014 season.

Music: "Happy-Go-Lively" from the Ren & Stimpy Soundtrack & "Trololo" by Eduard Khil

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