Rumor Mill: Josh Berletich Returning For Fall Ball

Somewhat reliable sources say that Josh Berletich, of the 2012 Honey Badgers, may be returning to the Huntington Wiffle League to participate in the 5-week fall ball league in late August. The Honey Badgers made a thrilling run for the league title in 2012 against Beaver Fever but fell short in the championship. But it's rumored that Berletich will not be back to head up his own team but instead will be entering the league as a free agent and be placed on a team before fall ball begins. It is believed that he will join up with the Terrorhawks. We have heard nothing about whether Berletich's former teammates, Arielle Hord and David Dillon, plan on returning to the league. It is assumed that if either of them does decide to participate in the fall ball season that they will join whatever team Berletich decides to join. Arielle Hord was a great contact hitter and fair outfielder. David Dillon was a promising left-handed hitter and a natural fielder.

For those who do not recall, Berletich was one of the best pitchers in the league and won the Strikeout King award in 2012 with 42 K's in just 45 Innings Pitched. He lead his team offensively as well with a .579 batting average and 25 RBIs. Those numbers seem a little unimpressive now but only because we did not have a set schedule of games in 2012 and as a result the Honey Badgers only played 12 games but finished with a 7-5 record. If Berletich decides to play for the Terrorhawks he will no doubt be a great addition to the team and would be a treasure on the mound. The team's go-do pitcher, Josh Smith, has some velocity on his pitches and a lot of movement but what he lacks is consistent accuracy. Berletich would be a great member of the Terrorhawks rotation with Josh Smith spending more time doing what he does best: fielding. Andrew Hankins also has come along as a fine pitcher with a good curveball and deceptive off-speed pitch. But all of this speculation cannot truly be confirmed of whether or not it is true once fall ball begins.

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