Go Jackie Go

Go Jackie Go are a team that's on the brink of improvement. They are typically not a very offensive team but put on a show in the third inning of the second week of the fall ball season against the Green Bears by scoring 6 runs in the third inning. Go Jackie Go would force the game into extras and take a 7 to 6 lead and hold it for the victory. It was in that moment that they showed potential to edge out their competition and they did it with only 3 of their players. Imagine what they could do if nearly their full roster showed up the majority of the time (which was not the case for much of the fall ball season). Adam Rose, Scott Hatfield, and Daniel Payne lead the team offensively with averages above .400 with a combined 7 home runs and 11 RBIs. Those numbers aren't jaw dropping but if the rest of the team can get on base as much as they do they will bring in many runs in 2014. Pitching they are showing potential as well with Daniel Payne striking out 9 batters but walking was common occurrence. If they can control the ball better they will win games in 2014 for sure because their defense is good but didn't get much action due to all the walks. But Go Jackie Go has all the elements for success and look to improve dramatically in 2014.

Founded: 2013
Manager: Todd Scott
Franchise Record: 1-9
Playoff Appearances: 0
Championships: 0


Todd Scott

Daniel Payne
Scott Hatfield

Jimmy Scott

Adam Rose

Ally Scott


Scott Hatfield .46799333061421243301024.515.800

Daniel Payne .4788825233111022280218.520.783

Adam Rose .600441615590035110218.6251.200

Ally Scott .000114300000013030.250.000

Jimmy Scott .318882322371033180717.348.773

Todd Scott .286883028380016281711.333.393

Total .40510101311212049411120103113188.450.727

Scott Hatfield 222.06669000000015.007.50

Daniel Payne 5418.0303044694040008.332.78

Adam Rose 3110.0131315331120006.501.80

Todd Scott 438.01212102262030007.504.00

Total 101038.061617540187190008.033.03

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