Fall Ball Franchise Report: Master Batters

They've been a team that's been hard to get a read on. The Master Batters are a team that has found their way to the middle of the pack in the Fall Ball standings and made a lot of noise on the field. Team captain, Jeff Kim, has turned heads throughout the league with his superb curve ball and quick wit on the mound. The team plays astounding defense and had the lowest team ERA in the league of 2.74. Offense is where the team needs to improve if they want to rise in the standings. They had the second lowest batting average in the league (.437) and struck out 35 times (2nd most in league). Russell Odono leads the team offensively with a .550 average but Jamie Reagan leads the team in home runs with 6. Matt Wingate has proven himself to be an aspiring hitter (.433, 3 HR, 8 RBIs) and promising pitcher. Teammates such as Russell Odono and Caughran must play more games in the 2014 season with their team if the Master Batters hope to improve but considering 2 of their players missed half of the games - they've done quite well...imagine what they could accomplish at full strength.


Alex Caughran .23144151303000024033.333.231

Jeff Kim .441993934915115115831433.513.971

Russell Odono .5505526205110026661817.654.850

Jamie Reagan .4479941381317106831131136.488.947

Matt Wingate .43388413071300381160722.585.733

Total .437101016213534592116332735743111.531.822


Jeff Kim 8627.01212275196510102.221.19

Russell Odono 115.0669181010006.002.00

Matt Wingate 3310.055101891120002.502.80

Total 101042.023234624368640102.741.67
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