Fall Ball Franchise Report: Honey Badgers

Honey Badgers: David Dillon, Arielle Hord, Josh Berletich,
& Paul Hesson (not pictured)
In 2012 the Honey Badgers were a team to reckon with. Like the name suggests, the team is full of fight and tenacity that keeps them in the game. They were runner up in 2012 but took a breather in 2013 and appeared to not have any intention of returning. Reasons for the hiatus included Berletich and Dillon returning to graduate school and obvious knee injuries that plague their roster. Upon returning for fall ball this year they introduced a new member to their team Paul Hesson. Hesson who is injury free (so far) has breathed new life into the team with his energy in the outfield and clutch hitting. Berletich is pitching as fine as ever with a pin-point fastball, subtle curve, and the always unexpected change-up. David Dillon continues to lend a much needed hand in the outfield (where his height and long arms really come in handy). Arielle Hord continues to be the soul of the team and an expert on working the count while at bat and getting on base by usually walking. Although the team has its fair share of knee trouble they have managed to bounce back from an 0-3 start to 4-3 with a blistering 4-game winning streak. The Honey Badgers face a difficult schedule for the final week of fall ball against the top 3 teams: Wiffle Ballers, Bag Tag, and Master Batters. It is doubtful that the winning streak will go much further but definitely do not count them out on somehow bringing down one of those teams next week. It is uncertain if they will be returning for the 2014 regular season but we sure hope they come back. If they fill out their roster with another player or two, this team of veterans could flirt with the top of the standings.


Josh Berletich .5777732265153125612926.6561.000

David Dillon .348772823282002582810.464.435

Paul Hesson .437551616171012040311.437.687

Arielle Hord .120773025131000581144.267.160

Total .36777106909337139162153451.462.567


Josh Berletich 7632.01919359316430002.971.37

Paul Hesson 110.0000200000000.0099.99

Total 7732.019193511316430002.971.44
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