Fall Ball Franchise Report: Green Bears

Green Bears: Julie Meadows, Daryl
Pullin, Josh Smith, Mike Saxton,
Greg Sowards, & Mike McCoy
The Green Bears were originally a franchise from the Garrett Drive Wiffleball League in Hurricane, WV that lasted for nearly 10 years but ended in 2011. Now the franchise is back with the original roster of team captain Greg Sowards and Josh Smith. But the team is filled out by the remaining rosters of the Terrorhawks and Beaver Fever and the acquisition of new player Mike McCoy. The team is a fairly talented all-around team with good hitting, experienced pitching, and decent defense. Greg Sowards has a 3-0 record on the mound with a great drop pitch and subtle curveball. Mike McCoy has had some time on the mound but has not performed well yet but shows great promise with practice. Josh Smith has the nastiest slider and curve ball in the league and puts some velocity behind them. If needed, Mike Saxton has proven to be a capable relieving pitcher from the 2013 regular season. Defensively the team's best is Smith, Meadows, & McCoy. The ball rarely makes it past them but still with fierce defenses like that of the Wiffle Ballers - the Green Bears could use some improvement. Mike McCoy has proven himself to be a fantastic offensive player by hitting 2 home runs and 10 RBIs (most on the team) and has struck out only once (least on the team). Josh Smith has hit 3 home runs (most on the team) and brought in 9 RBIs. Although Daryl Pullin has not hit particularly well this season, he hits the ball when it really counts and is responsible for one of their victories with his game winning hit in the bottom of the 5th. For the most part the team has relied on few home runs that bring in a lot of runs or playing small ball to bring in the runs the old fashioned way (which also happens to be the hardest). If the Green Bears find a way to get the runs to come in more effortlessly then they could recapture the 3-0 success they had at the beginning of the fall ball season. But so far they have not found their sweet spot and are now 3-3. Regardless, they look to be strong contenders in the 2014 regular season even if they do spend some time in the middle of the pack.


Mike McCoy .52966221759102105121516.636.941

Julie Meadows .4294415763000282003.733.429

Daryl Pullin .26766181554000435024.389.267

Mike Saxton .25066231634000275244.478.250

Josh Smith .5336621156800396401217.6671.133

Greg Sowards .529662217691003530110.636.588

Total .4256612187313720530342043454.587.621


Mike McCoy 227.01616225510200011.433.86

Josh Smith 114.07712051010008.753.00

Greg Sowards 4318.0151532153300004.171.83

Total 6629.03838666155330006.552.48

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