A Brief Recap of the NWLA Tournament

There is no denying it. The HWL team that was sent to 2013 NWLA Tournament were outmatched on many levels. Teams from last year sent even better teams and some of the newer leagues did much better than originally expected. We'll give you a little taste of what happened now but more is to come from Beth Smith (our beat reporter and first lady of the league) soon. Also, thanks to Christy Saxton for shooting some video and taking pictures for us. Thanks for putting up with us! Here are some highlights from the tournament:
  • Played Cincinnati Wiffleball Club twice in the tournament. They throw medium-fast and with a lot of junk. Sam Skibbe sang a whole verse (and the chorus) of "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness from the bleachers (quite well by the way).
  • Being absolutely destroyed by Freaky Franchise 24-1. We got a picture of Josh Smith crossing home plate for our only run of the game. The game featured a lot of friendly banter, which is always a good thing.
  • Greg Sowards threatened to intentionally walk Alex Shore of WSEM's Big Wood. Sowards then spiked a pitch and Shore quipped "Are you serious?"
  • Exit 17B being closed for an unknown reason which temporarily prevented us from being able to easily get to the tournament. What was supposed to be a 20 minute drive turned into 50 minutes and Greg losing about 3 pounds worth of M&Ms after a sharp turn (don't worry, we were videoing the whole thing).
  • Bugs with "stingers and six legs" in the hotel rooms and between the sheets. That was the only thing Randy Steele did not think was "sexy." 
  • The drop and run Greg and Josh witnessed while walking to Speedway in the middle of the Friday night. Fat Stacks!
  • Randy Steele had to play in an all-star jersey with Ryan Briers name and number on the back and walked several hitters during the all-star game. People in the stands began to cheer "Let's go, Briers." 
  • Meeting the guys from HRL: Twin Cities. Enough said.
  • We played Mequon Wiffleball League in a scrimmage on Friday evening and won 7-6. Randy hit a grand slam.
  • Watching Nic DiCrosta from PWL get struck out by Greg 3 times in our final game. Priceless.
  • Taking an unexpected 20 mile detour to drop Randy off to his house that was allegedly not that far out of the way.

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