Week 4 Re-Cap (Tuesday)

May 30, 2012 - Last week the Terrorhawks lost to Yellow Beaver Fever and the Honey Badgers. Coming into Week 4 with the grim record of 1-3 they finally got a break in the schedule, facing two teams that they actually stood a chance of defeating. The Owls are a struggling all-female franchise that have yet to win their first game. The Turtles, on the other hand, are a young and aspiring franchise that has the potential to defeat the better teams every now and then. The appearance of the Owls made this their first game since Week 2.

Game 1 of the night was between the Terrorhawks and Owls. This was the first match-up between the two teams and it was a close game to the finish. Jeremy Litton took the mound for the Terrorhawks while Beth Smith started for the Owls. Jeremy Litton pitched 4 innings before letting Josh Smith take over to get the save, but not before allowing 8 runs. Litton went 3-6 at the plate, with 5 RBIs, 5 walks, and a strikeout. Smith performed well at the plate as well going 6-8, HR, 4 RBIs, 3 walks, and a strikeout. Final score of the game was 9-8, Terrorhawks with the victory.

Jeremy not only gave up 8 runs but 12 walks. The Owls only walked 8 batters. Litton needs to find the strike zone this season if he hopes to bring his ERA down. Smith has not fared much better, walking over a dozen batters last week. This struggle to locate the strike zone has extended the length of games and resulted in many uneventful runs. The Owls/Terrorhawks game was the longest of the season at an hour and a half long - nearly twice the average game length.

On the bright side, the Owls played better last night than they had all season. Beth Smith went 3-5 with a double, 8 walks and 3 RBIs while Christy Saxton went 5-9, with 4 walks, and 5 RBIs. Pitching has been the issue for this team as none of the team's 3 players has baseball experience. Miraculously they have showed improvement in accuracy on the mound but without a fast pitcher they will most likely be taken deep for much of the season. Defense is the team's only hope for a win and they will eventually get that ever-elusive win. The only question is who will be the team who drops the ball against the Owls?
Game 2 was between the Turtles and Terrorhawks. Litton was back on the mound but this time did not allow any runs...that's right, a no-hitter. However, it was far from a perfect game due to him throwing 5 walks. The game was only 3-innings long due to darkness but games in the third inning can be called official should rain or darkness interfere. Final score was 3-0, which brought the Terrorhawks to an even 3-3 record moving them from fourth place to third. The Turtles are now on a 3-game losing streak after being the first place team in Week 1 with a 2-0 record. Litton performed well at the plate against the Turtles going 2-4 and bringing in all 3 runs they scored in the game. Between picking up two wins on the mound, throwing a perfect game, batting .500 on the night, and getting 8 RBIs - we could be looking at Week 5's player of the week unless something happens Thursday evening to outshine his performance. The Terrorhawks are now on a 2-game winning streak but can they stretch it even further playing more talented teams like Beaver Fever and Honey Badgers? Presumably not but stranger things have happened. The Terrorhawks did not go to Waffle House after the games. "That's a Thursday night thing for us, going on Tuesdays would just be excessive," Smith said. Thursday night looks be be interesting, as there will be re-matches from last week between Beaver Fever, Honey Badgers, and the Terrorhawks. There are two teams tied for first place at the moment but after Thursday night the league will finally have a definitive front runner.

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