Waffle House Thursdays

May 26, 2012 - It started out as a deal that Terrorhawks captain Josh Smith made with teammate Jeremy Litton. The deal: every game they lost they would go to Waffle House. Why? Josh Smith has an obsession with that restaurant. "I stop at a Waffle House every time I am travel down South. I love it and cannot get enough of it." Litton also seems partial to the restaurant as he was overheard saying "We're still going to Waffle House if we win, right?" The statement ended up being premature as the Terrorhawks blew a 4-run lead over the first place Honey Badgers. It has been an uninterrupted tradition for the past month with the team and others have joined them including members of the Owls and Yellow Beaver Fever. Smith and Litton welcome anyone who wants to tag along after the games. "This does not have to be a team ritual, the whole league can swing by and discuss the games over a waffle and some eggs," Smith says. If you want to meet up after the games, the Waffle House they frequent is on 29th Street East in Huntington, WV.

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