The Importance of Score Book Uniformity

Written by Josh Smith (@HWLcommissioner)  |  Commissioner and Author/Editor  |  05.26.2012

This is not a long article because this is a simple concept. Many of us have different ways to keep score and statistics. But it has been running havoc with the tallying process of things like the leaderboard and Player of the Week. To speed things up here's the proposition for all of us keeping stats the same way. Since we do not over-do it by keeping up with fielding stats, pitching count, and so on - the process is rather simple. Listed are the 11 possibilities that you, a score keeper, will have to choose from. Here we go:

  1. Single
  2. Double
  3. Triple
  4. Home Run (solo)
  5. Home Run (with RBIs)
  6. Single/Fielder's Choice
  7. Strikeout
  8. Walk/Base on Balls
  9. Pop Fly/Fly Out
  10. Ground Out
  11. K/Foul Out
It's that simple. Just draw a line to the base(s) they reach after they hit the ball. Fill in the diamond when they hit a home run. If the HR is a solo, write it. If the HR brought in other runners, write down how many. When an inning ends PLEASE draw a line (like between numbers 2 and 3 in the image above) to demonstrate this. Following these simple steps will save the commissioner A LOT of time interpreting the varying styles some of you have of keeping score. If you have any further questions please comment below or contact the commissioner.


  1. These are easy and fair, we all can get it and write it down easily. Thanks Josh

  2. They might not be technically correct but they are simple and easy to read. The easier it is to read the stats the faster the website will be updated.