Spring Training Going Strong

May 10 - Spring Training is still in full swing! Opening day has been moved back one week from May 17th to May 24th. Mark your calendars. There are three teams officially set for the regular season with possibly two more joining. All teams joining are two-person teams so far. So if there any stragglers out there and you don't want to join a team, any of the existing teams would be happy to have some extra players.

A practice game was held between the Terrorhawks and Yellow Beaver Fever tonight. The weather was favorable as meteorologists from every local television news station proclaimed that the weather would be "awesome" today. However, when the five inning practice game started the sun had began to set and the wind picked up. The temperature dipped to the 50s quickly and gusts of about 8 mph from the west began playing tricks on the ball. The game went off without a hitch though. Most of the bugs were worked out with the rules. The pitcher's circle rule, in particular, went very well. Beaver Fever defeated the Terrorhawks 2-0 as pitcher, Jeremy Litton gets the hang of being on the mound. Both teams look stable and each team has a solid pitcher. Both teams look ready for the regular season. The Owls have yet to hit the field. Two other teams are expected to be joining before the regular season begins.

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