Inside the Game - Greg Sowards

Written by Kyle Hetrick  |  Contributing Columnist  |  06.09.2012
This is "Inside the Game" with Kyle Hetrick (Player for Yellow Beaver Fever / Huntington Wiffleball League). Inside the Game will be an in depth expose' of sorts telling the story of players on and off the field... Well as much off the field info as this article can find out. 

Now we get into the story of Greg Sowards. Greg is the co-commissioner of the Huntington Wiffleball League, team captain of Yellow Beaver Fever and he pitches primarily since his teammates have very little prowess on the mound. With a wicked curve ball and a simple but effective sinking change-up he dominates the mound and the stats prove that fact. With an impressive stat of 4 runs allowed in 8 games he rarely gets rattled on the mound. Playing with a strategy is his game and he never fails to come up with a plan of attack, he analyzes every move and every at bat by the other team and hands out team commands in a way that everyone on his team can agree with. 

Not only does Greg play like that on the mound, he plays like that at the plate too. When he is not joking around and "axing" at badly thrown balls he steps up to the plate like Barry Bonds. Silently calculating the pitches till they come in, if it is a good pitch you can bet his bat is going to be somewhere near that ball, but he is a jester at heart and it definitely comes out in the banter he throws back at the mound. He will attempt to excite a laugh from all players on and off the field. However, all those antics are usually just distractions from the fact that he is one of the best hitters in the league. Along with his teammates he makes contact and gets on base a lot more than his foolery suggests. The stats reflect my claim since he leads the league in home runs, hits, RBIs, and has the highest batting average.
That said he is a serious family man. With a fiancée and what looks to be a regular 'Brady Bunch' running around the field you can tell he cares for everyone around him. We constantly see him with his children acting like a goof or telling them to calm down. With one more on the way the other members of the league sometimes wonder how he does it all. What can be said about Greg Sowards is that he is a dedicated and faithful man and a phenomenal ambassador to the sport of Wiffle.

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