Yellow Beaver Fever

Yellow Beaver Fever is comprised of Greg Sowards (team captain), Kyle Hetrick, and Josh Cooley. Beaver Fever showed promise from the beginning, even during the preseason. Initially the team was just Greg Sowards and Josh Cooley. Cooley struggled to adapt to pitching and was slow to adjust to the different pace the game has by comparison to baseball. But Cooley sort of abandoned the game after the first two weeks of the season but as he made his exit a new player, Kyle Hetrick, made his debut. The player chemistry between Hetrick and Sowards is unrivaled and their teamwork has been crucial to their success. After Cooley left the team never lost another game and finished the regular season with a 12-1 record. They defeated the league's only real contender, the Honey Badgers (who were 7-4 on the year), in the league championship 7-1. Their victory secured their claim to be the best team in the league as an unassailable fact. The team is one of the most fun to watch as Hetrick is still improving and Sowards continues to dazzle hitters with his off-speed pitching. Fielding-wise they are not very impressive if you are expecting diving catches and tricks. No, gold glovers they are not. But they are smart fielders and always take advantage of every grounder and fly ball. Batting is their true strength. Sowards hit 3 homeruns during the season and 1 during the championship, making him the undisputed HR King. Hetrick struck out a jaw-dropping 19 times (2nd most in league) in 2012 but still managed to bat .543 (6th highest in league). He really came through for his team in the championship when he hit a grand slam that seemingly demoralized their opponent. 2013 looks to be an even better year for this franchise as they have acquired Christy Saxton (former captain of the Owls) who has shown some true ability as a hitter and a similar pitching delivery as Sowards. With Saxton on the roster we could see an interesting pitching rotation from this team and even more hitting.

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