Green Bears

The Green Bears are a team that resulted in the consolidation of what remained of the Terrorhawks and Beaver Fever. The addition to free agent, Mike McCoy, completed the roster at the start of the 2013 Fall Ball season. The team relies on the finesse pitching style that Greg Sowards offers and smart offense. Josh Smith also throws a really nasty slider and with McCoy lead the teams offense with home runs. Julie Meadows and Daryl Pullin are great push along hitters and seasoned outfielders. Mike Saxton provides entertainment and additional effort on the offensive front. The team name harkens back to the Garrett Drive Wiffleball League in which the team was founded in 2002 and disbanded in 2011.

Founded: 2013
Manager: Greg Sowards
Franchise Record: 4-6
Playoff Appearances: 0
Championships: 0


 Greg Sowards
#1 | P/OF

Josh Smith
#10 | P/OF

Julie Meadows
#2 | OF

Daryl Pullin
#7 | OF

Mike Saxton
#3 | OF/RP
Mike McCoy
#5 | P/OF
Zach Daniels
#7 | OF/RP


Mike McCoy .52410102921611103128221721.6551.000

Julie Meadows .30888221374000396134.591.308

Daryl Pullin .29488201755000435025.400.294

Mike Saxton .261101030233610037102107.433.304

Josh Smith .56510103023713004117401225.6671.087

Greg Sowards .577101032268151014640319.656.731

Total .4391010163123365430837403154781.577.659

Mike McCoy 227.01616225510200011.433.86

Mike Saxton 113.0114001010001.671.33

Josh Smith 227.01616252620200011.433.86

Greg Sowards 6523.01919391115410004.131.74

Total 101040.05252908229460006.502.45

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