What To Expect During The Winter Meeting

Written by Josh Smith (@HWLcommissioner)  |  Commissioner and Author/Editor  |  01.27.2014

Wheel Decide Spinner Wheel
We're just a week out from the Winter Meeting and many of you may have no idea what will hopefully be accomplished during this meeting. The main thing we will be doing is determining which teams will end up in which division. The league champion and runner-up are automatically in opposite divisions. So Maroon $quad will head up the River City Division while Holy Balls sit atop the Jewel City Division. We have not heard much from the Holy Balls other than they plan on returning and Brent Thompson will not be the team captain. So with no team captain known yet their status is still very much up-in-the-air. If they are unable to participate this season then the Fall Ball champion (BagTag) will be the leader of the Jewel City Division. We will randomly choose the other teams to find out their fate in divisional seeding using an online random spinner application called Wheel Decide. There are eight teams that will be on the wheel so far (excluding Maroon $quad and Holy Balls): Bag Tag, Wiffle Ballers, Pink Penguins, Green Bears, Honey Badgers, Pitch Slappers, Breaking Balls, & Team Hesson (name TBD). The league can have no more than 12 teams this year. That's right, we're going to have to have a cap in order to keep everything running smoothly and only once a week. 2015 may allow us to expand further if needed but 12 is as high as we are willing to go this year. So if you are interested in putting a team in this season get into contact with us ASAP (huntingtonwiffle@gmail.com).

Once the board (see on the right) is set then we will move on to discussing rule changes made to the rule book thus far and allow anyone to propose any other changes for consideration. Then there will be a captain's vote on the yellow bat switch. It is assumed that we will be yellow bat for 2014 as most of the captains are with the commissioners on switching over or are fairly apathetic on the matter. After the voting results are announced the meeting will officially be over. Team captains or team representatives should take this opportunity to pay the registration fee for themselves and/or their team so that the commissioners can get started on buying supplies for the season. The sooner they can start purchasing equipment the better (shipping takes time). The fee per player is $30 if paid before March 1, 2014. After that it is $40 per player. So do yourself and the league a favor and get the money to the commissioners during the Winter Meeting on February 4, 2014 at 7:00pm at Fat Pattys in Huntington, WV.

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