Fall Ball Franchise Report: Bag Tag

Bag Tag: Paul Martin, Zach Blatt,
Kara Dills, & Brandon Woolum
Brandon Woolum's Bag Tag have been steadily rising the ranks within the standings (currently 4-2 and in 2nd place) and are in contention to take first place if opponents begin to find flaws in the Wiffle Ballers. Woolum, who was arguably the best player on Beaver Fever, went out on his own to found his own team for fall ball and the 2014 regular season - the result was Bag Tag. Bag Tag are an offensive powerhouse that has hit 18 home runs, brought in 51 runs, and have a team average of .577. They have accomplished all of this in just 6 games and lead the league in almost every offensive demographic. Where the team has struggled is with pitching. Both games they lost were just by one run and it's largely due to the fact that they have walked a lot of batters (23 - second most in the league). But they have turned it around lately. In the past 3 games they have only walked 2 batters. Zach Blatt has picked up 2 wins and a save in that time and has seemed to gained control of the ball along with Paul Martin and Brian Ball. Kara Dills has been the team's wild card. She is small but packs a punch with each swing of the bat and has already hit 3 home runs (and she's only played in 3 games). Bag Tag are impressive now, who knows what they will be capable of in 2014.


Brian Ball .5002210643000042073.700.500

Zach Blatt .5176635291315006176611033.6001.138

Kara Dills .357331514550038150214.4001.000

Paul Martin .687663432152201412233536.7061.125

Alex McCoy .6672299460022001412.6671.333

Brandon Woolum .606663633112031312351534.6391.030

Total .5776613912352713218511621633132.6261.073
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Brian Ball 217.0113230110000.710.71

Zach Blatt 6418.01010227132301002.781.61

Paul Martin 204.0444820000005.003.00

Alex McCoy 111.04436000100020.009.00

Total 6630.019193223182421003.171.83
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