Walk-Up Songs 2013

NWLA Hall of Famer Greg Sowards
naturally picked "Hall of Fame"
If you've ever been to a Major League Baseball game (or even a minor league game) one of the first things you'll notice your first time is that every batter has their signature walk-up song as they approach the plate. It's one of the things that players from the HWL enjoyed most about their experience of the NWLA Tournament. The organizer of the tournament, Chris Gallaway, spared no expense on making the tournament a legitimate affair but the walk-up songs made each at bat feel official. Having walk-up songs is definitely a goal the HWL has in mind for the 2014 season. Earlier in the season players received a short questionnaire used to help write the Team Tuesday articles. One of the questions was "What would your walk-up song be?" Some of the songs choices were classic arena rock anthems such as "We Will Rock You" while others selected more obscure songs like "Trololo" (wouldn't expect anything less from Jeremy). Here were the answers we received:

James Clagg: "UOENO" by Rocko
Trey "Dub" Hathaway: "Omerta" by Lamb of God
Jeremy Litton: "Trololo" by Edward Khil
Mike Sumner: "Sober" by Tool

Hope we can get walk-up songs to happen in 2014!

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