Week 1 Recap

It's a safe bet to say that opening day was a success. The commissioner and co-commissioner got off to a little late start setting the fields up. As a result the 5:30 games did not start until about 6:15 pm. Being 45 minutes behind schedule did not seem to matter much as 5 of the night's 6 games were mercy ruled games that ended early. That type of one-sided victories is to be expected in the early part of the season and will most likely become increasingly rare as the season progresses. Scores are as follows:

Maroon Squad 15 --- Beaver Fever 3
Terrorhawks 0 --- Pink Penguins 2
Welfare Warriors 2 --- Holy Balls 13
Pink Penguins 0 --- Maroon Squad 14
Holy Balls 15 --- Terrorhawks 1
Beaver Fever 19 --- Welfare Warriors 1

Maroon Squad and Holy Balls really showed what they were made of during their games. Both teams went 2-0 on the night and jumping out to early first place leads in the league. They both cannot remain undefeated, however, since they face each other next week at 6:30 on field 1. It will be a clash of the titans so to speak. The game will surely be a slugfest as both teams hit a combined 20 home runs last night. The two teams are quite different. Maroon Squad is the youngest team in the league with the average age of the players is 21, whereas the average age for Holy Balls in the mid to upper 40s. Regardless of all the speculation of what could happen in next week's games, that will be the game to watch.

The statistics and standings have been updated and can be viewed HERE. Below are a few pictures taken from last night's games whenever the commissioner had a spare moment to take a few snapshots. You can view the rest of the pictures on our Picasa Album. Stay tuned to vote for our Player of the Week.