Week 12 Recap

It was another action packed week of close games and blowouts. This week should have been the 1st round of the playoffs and the semifinals but Mother Nature had other plans. Maroon $quad lost another game, this time to Beaver Fever in a close 2-1 game that came down to the wire. Unfortunately for Beaver Fever, that would be their only high note of the evening as they lost against the Holy Balls 1-0. While there was still daylight left the Holy Balls and Beaver Fever played one of their two make-up games from Week 6 and won 2-1. Despite the two loses Beaver Fever are still in close contention to third place in the league and will at best tie with the Pink Penguins for it if Fever can somehow defeat Holy Balls in their remaining make-up game and Pink Penguins defeat the Maroon $quad again.

The Terrorhawks snapped their 7-game losing streak against the Welfare Warriors by defeating them 10-0 but lost 7-0 against the Holy Balls later in the evening. The Holy Balls are now 17-6 with 4 of their loses being forfeits during the regular season. 3 of those forfeits were to Maroon $quad and 1 was against Pink Penguins. They were due to their occasional difficulty getting enough players to the field. But given the recent loses the Maroon $quad has experienced it could have made the standings a little more interesting and the Holy Balls might have been much closer to being in first place than once thought.

The Welfare Warriors have continued to fall apart and it is uncertain if they will be able to play their first round playoff game against the Pink Penguins next week. Jeremy Litton was the only player to show up for his team this week and he had to get two people to play with him for his two games (something you cannot do in the playoffs). So unless Michael Sumner and/or any of his teammates to the field next week - we may have seen the last of the Welfare Warriors. They will undoubtedly not return next year but a couple of the players have expressed interest in playing in the Charleston Wiffle League that is being developed this fall.

The Maroon $quad had difficulty getting runs in during their first game of the night against Beaver Fever, causing them to lose 2-1. Their next game against the Pink Penguins was a chance at redemption. They mercy-ruled the Pink Penguins 11-1 after 4 innings. They still have a make-up game left against the Pink Penguins before the playoffs. They have a bye to the second round but may have to play the Pink Penguins again if they beat Welfare Warriors. So the Pink Penguins have been and continue to be a thorn in the side of the Maroon $quad. So long as the Maroon $quad do not underestimate them and play hard they may overcome, but will they? We'll find out next week. Stay tuned for an article on previewing the playoffs.

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