HWL Hot Stove

06.11.2013 ..... Chris Ramey (Beaver Fever) is out with a back injury (4 months) and is out for the remainder of the season.

06.04.2013 ..... Zach Daniels (Beaver Fever) is confirmed to be able to begin playing as his ankle has healed.

06.04.2013 ..... Pink Penguins add Brad Koeppen to their roster.

05.21.2013 ..... Dylan Evans (Welfare Warriors) is out for 2 weeks due to unrelated hand injuries.

05.03.2013 ..... Beaver Fever confirms that Chris Ramey is on their roster.

04.30.2013 ..... Chris Ramey is released from Welfare Warriors as a free agent. Rumor has it he'll be picked up by Beaver Fever.

04.30.2013 ..... John Moore (Pink Penguins) is suspected to miss the rest of the season due to unrelated knee injuries that have been worsened by to base-running.

04.02.2013 ..... Zach Daniels (Beaver Fever) is out with a broken ankle and it is uncertain how much of the season he will miss.

03.26.2013 ..... Terrorhawks sign Julie Meadows, Daryl Pullin, & Andrew Hankins. Welfare Warriors sign Chris Ramey. Beaver Fever sign Brandon Woolum.

03.19.2013 ..... Welfare Warriors sign Troy Twisdale & Michael Sumner. Josh Berletich announces the Honey Badgers will not be playing in the 2013 season.

02.08.2013 ..... Robert Anastasio leaves the Terrorhawks roster and announces he will be unable to participate in the 2013 season.

02.05.2013 ..... Beth Smith signs with Terrorhawks & Beaver Fever sign Christy Saxton, thus dissolving the Owls. Jeremy Litton agrees to leave the Terrorhawks to form his own franchise - the Welfare Warriors. Turtles are dissolved and Zach Daniels & Mike Saxton sign with Beaver Fever.