Columbus Bound

We're two weeks away from the 2nd annual NWLA Tournament and for the first time the Huntington Wiffle League is sending a team to participate. The players representing the HWL in Columbus this summer are the players from the Maroon $quad. They've been ranked in the top 10 in the national rankings nearly all year and were the natural choice for enhancing our chances at any success in the tournament. Coaching the Maroon $quad will be Greg Sowards and Josh Smith. These two, along with Mike Saxton, observed the tournament and served as media taking pictures and video the whole weekend. Smith and Sowards know what kind of competition they are going up against and it will be a test for the Maroon $quad, and it is our hope that they will rise to the occasion. Let's take a look at the roster:

Josh Hager

Josh has served as the team's captain and assembled a great team. He was initially one of the best pitchers in the league with an odd delivery that typically worked in his favor. He did pretty well at bat, hitting .507 and hitting 11 HRs but not quite as well as the rest of the team. He has shown dramatic improvement at the plate as of late and will hopefully rediscover his potential on the mound.

James Clagg

Clagg has conquered the game on many offensive aspects. He hit a record setting 34 HRs and 70 RBIs this season. His .726 average is one of the best in the league and is responsible for nearly 40% of the team's runs all season. He has also become one of the best and fastest pitchers in the league and is being considered for the 2013 HWL Cy Wiffle.

Randy Steele

Randy is one of the most laid back dudes ever placed on this planet. He is often seen smoking a cigarette with a shirt over his head and looking super casual. But don't let his chill nature fool you, he's one of the best hitters in the league (.681, 22 HRs, & 46 RBIs) and has used the yellow bat a lot in regular season games to prepare for the NWLA tournament. He's also done well on the mound with a 4-0 record.

Ryan Briers

Ryan is always interested in a little friendly competition and often challenges his own teammates on who can hit the most home runs in any given game, etc. Ryan is a fierce outfielder and fast base-runner who hit .558 in the regular season with 20 HRs and 43 RBIs - great numbers. He can often be overheard saying "DQ is on me, baby."

Josh Smith (Alternate/Coach)

Smith is the commissioner of the league and captain of the Terrorhawks. He's one of the league's most consistent hitters (.659 AVG) and has a lot of movement on his curveball and cut fastball (but struggles with accuracy). He will be an alternate player on the team and will be helping out on the field and at the plate occasionally when the team needs a boost. When he's not on the field he will be coaching.

Greg Sowards (Manager/Coach)

 Greg Sowards is a great strategist and knows how to get in people's heads. He was a natural choice for the team manager. He notices the subtleties of the game and can offer valuable advice on how to capitalize on a team's vulnerability. His eye for detail will also aid in shaking up the batting order, pitching choices, and fielding positions. The Maroon $quad is in the best hands possible with Sowards calling the shots.

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