Week 9 Recap

The Maroon $quad had yet another week to chill out as they have been on the winning end of forfeits for the second week in a row. The Pink Penguins and Beaver Fever ended up splitting their series last night. Game 1 between the two was a nail biter to the last inning. Beaver Fever had been leading the entire game and going into the top of the 4th they were ahead 3-0. The Penguins then began to play some good small ball by hitting 7 consecutive singles to get in 4 runs to take the lead. Beaver Fever could not tie it up in the bottom of the fifth and the Penguins escaped with a narrow victory 4-3. The second game they would not be as fortunate as Brandon Woolum seemed to wake up at the plate for Beaver Fever. He went 5-7 in the game hitting 2 home runs and a triple. He also brought in every single run for his team, which was 7. Mike Saxton took the mound and pitched a complete game against the Pink Penguins. Saxton did well (with a great defense behind him) striking out 4 batters and only walking 1. He only gave up 6 hits and 2 runs the entire game. Final score was Beaver Fever 7 and Pink Penguins 2.

Another interesting series was unfolding on field 1 between Holy Balls and Terrorhawks. Holy Balls ended up sweeping the hawks but the games were still good nonetheless. Game 1 was a real beat down for the Terrorhawks as they lost 18-4 despite Hankins and Smith hitting 3 home runs. Game 2 was far more interesting as Daryl Pullin had his first good offensive game in quite some time, hitting 4-7 and hitting two home runs (one of which was a grand slam). Smith hit a home run as well and Hankins hit 2. The Terrorhawks tied the game up at 12 runs a piece in the 4th inning with an 8-run rally. Holy Balls answered with a solo shot by Brent Thompson and the Terrorhawks did not answer in the top of the 5th ending the game with the score of 13-12.

Last night was special for two reasons. The first reason is because Paul "Pauley" Smith of the Pink Penguins finally hit his first career home run. It might not sound like much but he was the only one in the entire league not to have hit a home run until last night. So now everyone in the league has went yard at least one time this season. The second reason is we said goodbye to a guest that had been visiting us throughout the season. Professor Dan Hollis of Marshall University has come on and off the entire season (filming for 5 weeks with us). He announced last night would be his final night filming. He likes filming segments of off-the-wall sports and did something similar for the local kickball league (click here to check out that video). No word yet on when to expect the video he's collected so much footage for but we'll post the finished product here whenever it's ready. So thanks to Professor Hollis for coming out and filming (you're welcome back anytime) and thanks to all the players who willingly gave interviews and played as normally as possible with a camera only inches away.