Week 4 Re-cap

Week 4 has come and gone and the standings have seemed to have solidified the pecking order in the league for now. The Maroon $quad remain undefeated at 8-0 and have been nationally ranked at #31. The Holy Balls (ranked #35) are holding strong at 7-1 with their only loss coming from the hands of Maroon $quad. Their 1 loss record was at risk of growing against the Terrorhawks until the last two innings of the game when they rallied from behind to pull ahead 5-4. The Terrorhawks have suffered a 1-run loss against both top two teams and it will be interesting to see if they ever pull off a win against either of them.

The Terrorhawks did pretty well on the night going 1-1 on the night, losing to the Holy Balls but defeating Beaver Fever 11-9. Andrew Hankins hit 2 Grand Slams on the night. His girlfriend was there but did not see either of them. So knowing this, can we say that the Grand Slams ever happened? Newcomer to the Welfare Warriors, Luke Davis, also hit a Grand Slam that night against the Maroon $quad. He's hit 2 home runs for the franchise in just 4 games played and is becoming an increasingly valuable player on the roster. The Warriors are still winless but if they find a way to liven their bats and play some better defense, their first victory cannot be far away.

The Pink Penguins had a disappointing night going 0-2. They were without their captain, Thelmer Damron, and played the two toughest teams in the league (Holy Balls and Maroon $quad). They lost to the $quad 16-4 and to the Holy Balls 12-6. Both losses have taken a toll on their place in the standings as they fall to a 2-6 record. Hopefully they will be able to have better luck in Week 5 against Beaver Fever and the Welfare Warriors providing their captain is there. Below are the scores for the night. They've been linked so you can see the box scores if you click on them. Check it out:

There's still plenty of season left and by week six teams will be playing the same team twice each night, that's when the standings really get interesting! Here's a few snap shots, CLICK HERE to see the full album.