Week 2 Re-cap

Game day conditions were perfect - 80 degrees and sunny. This week we built our own fences in a vacant area just beyond the perimeters of neighboring baseball fields. The results were pleasing as we got everything packed up at the end of the night before 9 o'clock. Amazing, right? We did get off to a late start again (around 6:00) but all the games finished up with enough daylight. This will be less of a problem as the season progresses due to daylight lasting longer into the evening. Here's the scores from last night's games:

Terrorhawks 12 --- Welfare Warriors 3
Welfare Warriors 7 --- Pink Penguins 9
Holy Balls 8 --- Beaver Fever 0
Beaver Fever 6 --- Pink Penguins 5
Maroon $quad 7 --- Holy Balls 2
Terrorhawks 3 --- Maroon $quad 4

There were no mercy-rule games last night, a vast improvement from last week's blowout games. What was thought to be a very close game between Holy Balls and Maroon $quad ended up being a pretty decisive victory for Maroon $quad at 7-2. There were two very close games during the night. Beaver Fever barely edged out the Pink Penguins in the fifth inning as Greg Sowards hit a solo shot in the top of the inning and held on defense to end the game. The Terrorhawks unexpectedly gave the Maroon $quad a run for their money, giving them their closest call of the season thus far. Smith, captain of the Terrorhawks, was really lighting up the strike-zone and struck out 5 hitters during the game. James Clagg later said "That was the best pitching we've faced so far." Everyone, in fact, seems to be improving in one form or another. Daryl Pullin hit 3 home runs last night and his teammates Josh Smith and Andrew Hankins also hit a few over the fences. 

Maroon $quad have so far remained undefeated with a 4-0 record. But after their recent close call a lot of people are wondering how much longer they can maintain their flawless record. On the other end of the spectrum, the Welfare Warriors are still searching for their first win. They came close in their latest game against the Pink Penguins but could not hold on to it as the Penguins stole the lead in the bottom of the second inning. Jeremy Litton did most of the pitching but Field 1 was harder to pitch on due to wind coming from behind the plate. When he tired, Chris Ramey took over in their second game. In his first inning of pitching he walked the bases loaded and Thelmer Damon hit a Grand Slam. From that moment, the Pink Penguins had unstoppable momentum. Ramey should improve on the mound in time but Sumner and Twisdale have yet to take the mound. Could there be a strong pitcher yet to be discovered on their team?

The Pink Penguins weren't the only ones with fans at the field last night. Holy Balls had a handful of fans at the field last night as well. We are not used to having spectators watching the games but people are welcome to watch the games. So by all means bring a chair and enjoy the evening with us. Below are a few pictures from last night's games. CLICK HERE to see all the pictures.