Inside the Game: League Humorist Extraordinaire Jeremy Litton

Written by Kyle Hetrick  |  Contributing Columnist  |  07.16.2012

As a league you always have to have that "one guy". Jeremy Litton is that one guy in the Huntington Wiffle Ball League, he's a goof and a character on and off the field. On the field he isn't the top player by any means but the potential is there for growth. He has, however, improved vastly since the beginning of the season. His batting at the start of the season was more like an imitation of the Statue of Liberty but with some coaching he has made a leap forward by lifting the bat off his shoulder and making the stance his own. Everyone in the league knows he could be a power hitter if he can get a little more fundamentals down. On the field he is not as fast as the rest of his team but he makes up for it with some banter and head games that always boost morale. Sometimes he can get a little out of hand but that is just his sense of humor.
Off the field he is just as he is on the field. Loud, proud and confident - he rarely says anything without a sense of conviction. Working at a local grocery store and as a substitute teacher, one that this reporter would not have minded having while in school, Litton is obviously a hard worker. His mind offers endless amounts of random or historical trivia making him an expert conversationalist and also is an avid fan of science fiction. Driven by food he is regularly at the weekly post-game social gatherings at Waffle House or Wendy's in Huntington WV. Along with the others from the HWL he gets looked at as he laughs over some silly comment made and fits in quite well with everyone in the league and is always welcoming to new players. What is perhaps his best quality is his commitment to the league. He is not a star player but returns week in and week out to try to do better than he did the week before. As one of the founders of the league it is imperative that he continues to be as committed as the league continues to grow this year and into the future. Those who know him know that he will be around for as long as humanly possible to ensure the preservation of this league.
More will come of this rookie player and the HWL looks forward to seeing it because competition is the name of the game and Jeremy Litton will be able to bring a lot of it as he improves. Don't underestimate this rookie player because he will surprise some people next season.

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