All-Star/Fun-Star Game

Picture from 2011 KWL Fun-Star game
It's a question everyone has been asking: "What is a fun-star?" The answer may be more simple than you think. While there is no official definition for a fun-star itself...a fun-star game is much easier to identify. It is a wiffleball game with a free-for-all atmosphere to it. During a fun-star game the league gets to experiment with new rules and add a lot of fun elements to the game to make the game more unpredictable. The idea for a fun-star game came from the notorious Kalamazoo Wiffleball League in 2008 (read more about it). It has since become a yearly tradition for the league and the fun-star game rules and hijinks have grown quite a bit since it's inception 4 years ago. A few other leagues have attempted to incorporate this unique idea into their leagues and this league is one of them.

Some of the "equipment" used for the Fun-Star game
So what should you expect to see when you show up for the Fun-Star game? For starters, expect to see a lot of bizarre equipment, costume accessories, bats and balls that are outside the perimeters of official league play, and other random objects. Expect water balloons, outrageous costumes, instruments used for hitting, and a lot of unique rules. This is a great opportunity for players to try things out that they cannot otherwise do during the season. If you've always wanted to take an at bat using a tennis's your chance. Any plastic ball can be used in the game, not just official wiffle balls. Bats can be anything as long as they are not wooden or aluminum (or something that could break a wiffle ball): the league will be providing a fun noodle to hit with for anyone willing to try it out. There is also a rumor that the elusive Captain Caveman bat could make an appearance during the game.

Rules for the game will be very similar to a regular season HWL wiffleball game but with some unique twists. The game is only 3 innings long. Batters can choose their own pitcher. Runners must run to the bases counter-clock wise. Batters who do not swing a ball that hits the strike-zone are automatically out. There are no walks or foul outs. The defense can field all their fielders at once instead of just having two fielders supporting the pitcher. Fielders can use baskets, gloves, nets, or anything else they want to aid their ability to catch fly balls. Anyone can play during the fun-star game including people who are not in the league, everyone is welcome to join although small children are still discouraged from participating for fear of injury. There is no mercy rule for the fun-star game and we expect the a football score by the end of the game. There are many other possible rules that may be added to the game by the time it takes place (hopefully on August 7th). Any further input to the rules for the game are welcomed and can be communicated to the commissioner (Josh Smith) or co-commissioner (Greg Sowards) or brought up the day of the game. The roster for the teams will not be decided until the day of the game but team captains have been named: Jeremy Litton and Greg Sowards. Teams will be decided after the homerun derby prior to the Fun-Star game. More details to come.

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